Milwaukee Brewers

The Milwaukee Brewers baseball team name naturally stems from the brewing industry that Milwaukee is known for. And, with a baseball field named Miller Park, a Milwaukee Brewers game is always a wild time. Since the Milwaukee Brewers were created in 1969, they have been apart of the American League until they moved to the National League Central Division in 1997.

Over their 40+ years in play, the Milwaukee Brewers have tallied up an American League East Division and the American League Pennant titles. The same 1982 season, the Brewers made it to their first and only World Series appearance where they lost to the St. Louis Cardinals 3-4. The Milwaukee Brewers went on to see a few ups and downs over the seasons. In 1997, the Milwaukee Brewers were chosen to move to the National Baseball League and began building the Miller Park soon after to replace the Milwaukee County Stadium.

With a total capacity of almost 84,000 fans, a Milwaukee Brewers game never has a dull moment. Since this Miller Park stadium holds about 10,000 fans less than the Milwaukee County Stadium did, it can be difficult to get a seat. Purchase your Milwaukee Brewers tickets today, or you may miss out on an extraordinary game at Miller Park.

Miller Park
One Brewers Way
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53214