Green Bay Packers

The sounds of Lambeau Field can be heard far and wide come the first kickoff of the Green Bay Packers. After opening in 1957, Lambeau Field became the first stadium dedicated solely to an NFL team with a capacity of over 32,000 screaming fans. After a few decades, it was clear that the amount of Green Bay Packers fans, or “cheese heads”, wanting to get in was growing so the stadium needed to be more than doubled to accommodate them.

When the Minnesota Vikings or the Chicago Bears come to town, you will not want to miss out on the game. These huge historic rivalries have been going strong for quite some time and are always a great experience to get in on, especially at Lambeau Field. Even though the seating number over doubled since Lambeau Field originally opened, there are still a good 78,000 fans wanting to get in the loop of season tickets. Green Bay Packers fans have been voted some of the best fans in the NFL.

With this amount of competition for a seat at the Lambeau Field, you will want to buy your Green Bay Packers tickets as soon as possible or you may miss your chance. Purchase your Green Bay Packers for the Lambeau Field today!